Dr. Hutber reported: "I'm not the best veterinarian, and equally I'm not the worst. I'm somewhere in between. The fact that the RCVS took no sanctions against Kris Kaminski whilst acting against me, showed a level of partiality. Kris had dishonestly left a reproductive tract in a cat and charged for a spey, simply because he couldn't locate the tract. He'd lied to the RCVS about high blood pressure causing a memory loss. You don't forget to take out the reproductive tract during a spey. It's absurd. The immoral part was Kris didn't tell the patient's owner nor the practice owner [ie. myself] and he initially allowed the RCVS to pursue me concerning his operation. It was dishonest and the RCVS chose to take no action against him. This was probably because the RCVS was bribing Kris to testify against me at their future hearing. The RCVS had let partiality turn into corruption."

"I knew that a RCVS hearing would probably end in mutual mudslinging and both sides could eventually be damaged, so I offered to resign and go back into the Computing industry where I'd worked for about a decade. The RCVS agreed that they wouldn't publish the details of our disputes. At the eleventh hour I heard [from my solicitors] that they'd decided to publish anyway. The RCVS had an opportunity to keep this out of the public domain."

"Losing money wasn't funny, and losing my business through the actions of Margaret Weaver was probably less palatable. However, losing my previously clean reputation through dishonesty within the RCVS is subjectively the worst of the three."