Extracts from Dr. Hutber's manifesto statement in standing for RCVS Council [2006]

Dr. Hutber wrote: "About 80 per cent of RCVS members do not vote each year. Could I possibly offer a genuine reason to bother?

The Royal College has a mission statement, and it has two parts. I'd like to suggest that the priority of these two parts are reversed. The two parts are:

1. To regulate the profession and make sure that high veterinary standards are maintained within the UK, and
2. To provide expertise on veterinary issues affecting the UK.

The RCVS is the 'Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' and its Council is elected by vets to represent vets [ie. relating to part 2 above]. Importantly, the RCVS is not merely Her Majesty's government's veterinary regulator [ie. from part 1 above].

Regulation is an important task and should be implemented fairly - but it should remain firmly in the bakground. Since we live in a modern society, I believe the public wish to see exactly how the RCVS is benefiting society, so part 2 (above) I believe should be given priority. The RCVS should be widely recognised as an important source of veterinary expertise, and whilst this may or may not be the case, few people appear to know about it.

RCVS regulation is relevant in the short-term, but RCVS expertise can provide more powerful solutions in the long-term."