Practice problems

The RCVS Committee stated that Dr. Hutber 'displayed a tendency to blame others for things which have gone wrong'. The RCVS Committee did not acknowledge the events that 'had gone wrong' at Dr. Hutber's surgeries nor did the RCVS Committee investigate how those events could have affected the daily functioning of Dr. Hutber's surgeries.

Dr. Hutber reported: "Before I purchased the practice from Margaret Weaver she had employed a large number of locum vets. Staff advised me that this was a cause of concern and also disruption for clients, so I dispensed with my proposal of engaging a local locum. We interviewed vets from a selection of about 60 applicants, mostly new graduates whom the staff pointed out were unlikely to cope with the out-of-hours rota. Jo (one of our vets) suggested her fiance as a solution, but after waiting six weeks he stated that unfortunately he wasn't interested. The staff subsequently requested a locum vet and when I pointed out that we'd come full circle, Jo indicated that she'd also require monetary compensation for working the additional out-of-hours days or she'd resign. I consequently employeded Kris Kaminski (another vet) and Jo still resigned."

"The events that followed were complex and rapid. When Margaret Weaver employed some of my staff [who used to work for her] I was left in a difficult position and couldn't provide full cover for both surgeries. Holly Broom had just resigned as an Animal Assistant [after I'd asked her if she knew why there was a 5,000 pound discrepancy between practice invoices and takings]. She left the surgery and never returned to work. Clients were also unsure whether to stay with us following the sale of the practice, and were influenced when Margaret Weaver sent letters to them criticising my business. I was facing some serious problems when she had the business phone and fax lines cut off, and enticed my clients to her new [Whitelodge] practice along the road."

"The RCVS Committee ignored these problems, and I can only presume that their approach fitted in with their apparent political objectives. Individuals outside of the RCVS had no difficulty in recognising the relevant issues. Interestingly, RCVS witnesses also didn't fail to acknowledge the issues [3rd para, sentence 2] albeit since they were creating some of them by stealing my staff."

Veterinary students

Dr. Hutber was the first English national to obtain a veterinary degree from eastern Europe. His positive experiences with the Slovak Veterinary School [which was EAEVE and FVE approved before UK vet schools] encouraged his company to take English students to Slovakia []. Dr. Hutber commented: "It has been reported that the RCVS has discouraged applications to the Slovak Vet School and suggested applicants should apply to UK universities instead. The RCVS reportedly cited poor educational standards in Slovakia as areason for their approach. I hold three English degrees and one Slovak degree, and I strongly disagree with the RCVS assessment of Slovakian education. Objectively, Slovakian education is excellent. They're also doing it in English."

MBNA card

Dr. Hutber had used his RCVS credit card for approximately a decade. Two months after the RCVS hearing the card was withdrawn. MBNA bank (who issued the card) stated that it was withdrawn because Dr. Hutber had not used the card. Dr. Hutber pointed out that an MBNA employee had advised him not to use the card, because he had borrowed cash on the card and retail purchases would negate the existing zero per cent interest rate. MBNA acknowledged their error in the form of a 25 pound cheque to Dr. Hutber (subsequently increasing the compensation offer to 75 pounds) but MBNA refused to reinstate the card, stating that their internal protocols would not allow them to do so. Where the MBNA rationale appeared unusual, Dr. Hutber asked the financial ombudsman to investigate. The ombudsman found that the MBNA action was 'unreasonable' and increased the compensation to 150 pounds. It is unknown whether or not the RCVS' association with Dr. Hutber's card had a bearing upon the MBNA action(s).


Dr. Hutber reported: "The RCVS has made much of my religious views, and has joined local press in attempting to present them in a negative light and out of context. Since my religion has become topical, a relevant context can be found in Isaiah 5:20."