Vet Times article

2006 Manifesto

RCVS reform


Dr. Hutber reports: "Do I think that the RCVS performs an important function? Yes, of course. Do I think that I made mistakes? Again, any professional knows they make mistakes on a regular basis, but the trick is to try and minimise them. However, do I think that I did anything wrong? No, not at all because my intention has always been to do good, and hopefully I'll continue to work towards that and concurrently eliminate as many faults as possible. So why have I put up my objections on this website? The RCVS has made more mistakes than I have re my case, because they've been coloured by past events. More seriously, the RCVS lost its impartiality to the point of corruption. There were clear reasons why my business was left in a mess by the actions of one of the vendors, and it resulted in the difficulties that my staff and I were busy solving. The RCVS was aggrieved over the entrance of the seven thousand east European vets [EU Accession countries], and they naturally used my business difficulties as an opportunity to act against me. Do I think that things can become better? Yes I do, and that's why I've bothered to put up a website. RCVS reform is long overdue. It was relevant when I stood for RCVS Council in 2006 and RCVS reform remains relevant today. The changes [last paragraph] that the RCVS is attempting to implement suit the RCVS as an organisation and its status quo in terms of regulatory power, but these changes do little (if anything) for Veterinary Medicine, and they're also negative towards veterinarians in general practice. The RCVS is currently disliked by numerous (if not most ie. circa 82% of) UK vets, which is a pity. The RCVS could actually be both a necessary regulator and a resource for veterinary GPs, although subjectively at the moment it's not. Whilst the RCVS prosecutes vets, it isn't somehow justified by the number of successful prosecutions it brings, but rather by how many it can successfully avert."

February 2014