Testimonials used for Dr. Hutber re honesty at RCVS hearing:

Date: November 19, 2010
To Whom it May Concern,
I have known Dr. Hutber over 20 years, initially working as colleagues at XXX, during which time I also supervised his PhD. Since moving to XXXXXX in 2001, we have remained friends and in regular contact.
Dr. Hutber was meticulous in his studies and scientifically totally honest. He was well organized and logical in his approach, and ultimately produced an excellent and well defended piece of work for his PhD, which, together with further work, was published in a series of papers in refereed scientific journals. Outside of work I know Dr. Hutber to be dedicated to his religion, which he lives not only in name, but in spirit. I do not believe that Dr. Hutber would knowingly lie or commit a dishonest act. The importance to him of his integrity is paramount, and dictated by a belief that is fundamental to his existence.
Chief Veterinary Officer, XXXXX, XX [North American country]

From Professor XXX XXXXXXX (former President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)
To whom it may concern [January 8th, 2011]
I am pleased to give a character reference for Dr. Hutber. In doing so, I am not clear who requires it or why so, if further information is needed, I'm happy to give it if I have it. I came to know Dr. Hutber during the Foot and Mouth outbreak 10y ago, when I was RCVS Senior Vice-President. Subsequently I gave him advice when he encountered problems with RCVS recognition of his qualifications resulting, as far as I recall, from circumstances beyond his control which affected the date at which his training was recognizable under EU regulations. I do not remember the details but it seemed he was simply caught through no fault of his own by a change in the rules and the date when it came into force. He certainly tried to take a diplomatic approach to the problem rather than a high handed or embittered one even though it was a hugely worrying problem for him. But it was my experience of conversations with him during and after the FMD outbreak which made me hold him in high regard as a man of integrity who took an objective, balanced, wise and courageous view of evidence, regardless of political pressure. He has also been a valuable contributor to the demonstration in peer reviewed literature that the unprecedented extended culling policy was unnecessary for the successful control of the outbreak - a fact yet to be acknowledge in the political world of Whitehall. I thought that his qualities, together with his unusual early experience and his insight into issues concerning practice, research and veterinary politics, would make him a valuable member of RCVS Council and encouraged him to stand, which he did but sadly without success. If he asked again tomorrow, I would do the same.
Footnote: Some months ago I was approached by a member of RCVS staff as to whether I would be willing to have a conversation about Dr. Hutber [because it was remembered that I had nominated him in the RCVS elections]. I said that I probably would but that I needed to know the reasons; there was no follow up. I don't know whether or not that relates to the current request for a reference but it has no bearing on what I have written. Rather this footnote is a precautionary 'declaration of interest'.
Professor XXXXXX XXXXXXX MA VetMB BSc PhD DVA xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx FRCVS
December 6th 2010

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXXX. I am an independent Accountant. Following the formation of XXXXXX XXXXXXX in 1995, I was appointed by the directors to prepare the annual Financial Statements, deal with company taxation and provide general accountancy advice.
Early in 2009 I was approached by Dr. Hutber to give an opinion on the purchase of a veterinary practice known as XXXXXXXXXXX. From the information presented to me by Dr. Hutber, which was primarily provided by the owners of XXXXXXXXXXX, I informed Dr. Hutber that in my opinion the business would be a sound investment. Dr. Hutber subsequently proceeded with the purchase of the practice, exchanging contracts on the 12th March 2009. Once Dr. Hutber had taken possession of the Practice it became evident that the previous owners, XXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXX, provided inaccurate figures and sold the business on a wave of hype [..] a series of cost cutting measures needed to be considered. It was clear that the practice could not sustain the staffing levels as then constituted and it was agreed that a reduction from the then 10 staff would have to be made if the business was to be viable. A thorough review of staff members was made and a difficult decision as to who would stay and who would leave was made. Although the reduction in staff levels was modest, a sense of paranoia spread through the employees, stoked in part by the previous owners, and the small number of employees who were to be let go. [..] Dr. Hutber did seek my professional opinion of the dismissal of staff members and in the case of XXXXXX XXXXXX he advised me that Mrs. XXXXXX had taken funds received from debtors and passed them directly to the previous owners, in contravention of the legal agreement between Dr. Hutber and the XXXXXXX. Although Mrs. XXXXXX's conduct (theft) warranted instant dismissal, Dr. Hutber reasoned that the upheaval felt by everyone in the practice following the change in ownership was difficult to adjust to and that being summarily dismissed - although justifiable - may add further stress to Mrs. XXXXXX. He took a compassionate view rather than a commercial one and advised Mrs. XXXXXX in writing that she would be leaving the practice four weeks from the 27th March 2009.
In my professional opinion Dr. Hutber has conducted himself with a degree of honesty and integrity that is second to none in the business world. If there is any criticism, it is that he has been too trusting of those whose ulterior motives were to discredit his professional reputation and decimate the business.

To whom it may concern
I am a past President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), a current member of RCVS Council and xxxx-xxxxxxxx of the College's Disciplinary Committee. I have known Dr. Hutber for some 10 years and have worked with him on scientific issues, mainly relating to xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx. He is an enthusiastic and able scientist and I have never had any reason to doubt his honesty and integrity.

To whom it may concern
I am the Chief Veterinary Officer of the XXXXXX XXXXXXXX. I am also a professor at XXX in the Department of XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. I have known Dr. Hutber since his time studying at XXX. He appeared to be a student demonstrating a significant professional approach to veterinary medicine, and I was responsible myself for supervising the students' activities and assessing their examination work. During his studies at vet school he showed intense interest in current research, especially in the area of farm animal diseases. He was an enthusiastic and able scientist.
Concerning his subsequent progression into general practice in the UK, we have remained in collegiate communications with one another and I have regularly myself related professional experiences and I have provided him with consulting knowledge. Gradually I have learnt Dr. Hutber's methodology in testing research objectives, collating empirical data, drawing relevant scientific conclusions and publishing the findings in scientific journals. Dr. Hutber has demonstrated a level of professionalism in both research and general practice, as well as his educational activities.
Prof. XXXXX XXXXX DVM, DSc, Chief Veterinary Officer [European country]

To Whom it May Concern
I have known Dr. Hutber in my professional capacity since purchasing xxxxxxxx xxxxx Veterinary Surgery in April 2003, from when he was running his xxxxxxx Surgery and secondly during his time at xxxxxxxx. During these times I have had no professional problems with him and have always found him cooperative and friendly.

To whom it may concern
Dr. Hutber was always professional when he was here [in xxxxxxxx] and I couldn't really say anything negative about him. I also haven't heard anything negative about him myself. He was kind with the people and kind with the dogs. The only possible negative thing was that he lived so far away and that Kris wasn't easy to understand so no one wanted to have him.

To Whom It May Concern
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say how wonderfully rewarding my experience was working at xxxxxx in xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxxxx.
As part of a small team I took a leading role alongside Dr. Hutber in assisting with animal handling, reception and administrative duties. We all worked terrifically well as a team. The practice was run like a well oiled machine with Dr. Hutber at the helm. The shop would not close until each day's duties had been completed and every client seen to. Dr. Hutber himself is a faultless tutor with endless knowledge in animal anatomy/physiology and has incredible patience when it comes to handling animals and dealing with clients. There was never any patient too large or too small - Dr. Hutber would treat them all. He was particularly good at explaining normally complicated 'vet school' language into easily digestible phrases which clients (and myself) could understand and relate to. Welfare was at the top of all of our lists, so clients were able to relax in the knowledge that their beloved pets were in safe hands. Dr. Hutber always maintained a professional approach whether it was in the organisation of his paperwork, his personal appearance or the cleanliness of his practice. I believe this is what built Dr. Hutber's reputation within the community and clients would readily switch from their existing vet to benefit from the facilities Dr. Hutber had available to him.[] The atmosphere within the building was always a pleasant one and the experience and memories I gained from my time working there goes without saying.
Kind regards,
(Part of the xxxxxx team)

To whom it may concern.
I am one of the partners in xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx Veterinary Surgery and in August 2006 we purchased a [] veterinary surgey in xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxx xxxx, the property of Dr. Hutber. The purchase process was straight forward and Dr. Hutber was easy to deal with and facilitated the sale in a business-like manner. The premises (rented) was left in a clean and orderly fashion. Dr. Hutber extended himself personally to help ensure a smooth transition.

To Whom It May Concern
RE: Dr. Hutber MRCVS
I write at the request of Dr. Hutber in my capacity as a specialist in the management and provider of financial services to veterinary practices. I have known Dr. Hutber since he asked me to assist and advise him in the purchase of a veterinary surgery. I have to state in all my dealings with him I have found his honesty and integrity beyond doubt. I would have no hesitation in speaking up for his character and professionalism.
7 December 2010

I worked for xxxxxx from August 2009 to December 2009 and during that time observed and assisted both Dr. Hutber and Kris Kaminski. My personal views on the professionalism of both vets are as follows. Regards Dr. Hutber, I found Dr. Hutber to be a competent vet both in surgery and consultations. I found Dr. Hutber was highly efficient when it came to diagnosis of animals, and when the symptoms could point to more than one cause it became apparent that Dr. Hutber was extremely thorough in determining the exact cause. Regards Kris Kaminski, I found it a lot harder to form a true judgment on his competence due to his apparent struggle to get a grip of the English language. From my personal observations although I would say he is an experienced vet, I found that the language and possibly cultural differences did cause him some severe problems in the day to day workings of the vet practice. I would like to make it clear that the views given are my personal views [..].
XXXX XXXXX (former xxxxxx employee at xxxxxxxx)

To whom it may concern,
Re: Dr. Hutber
I have known Dr. Hutber for approximately twenty years and have found in all aspects of his life, him to be honest in all his dealings. He is very conscientious in his work habits, smart, attentive to detail with a happy demeanour and is always willing to help others when required. He is well presented. In all the years I have known Dr. Hutber I have never known him to use bad language of any sort. We have worked closely together on a number of occasions and I have always enjoyed his company and sense of humour.
Yours Sincerely,
Bishop, Church XX XXXXX XXXXXX..