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Studying Veterinary Medicine around the world

There are significant criteria to note when considering studying Veterinary Medicine outside of Europe. European veterinary degree courses are discussed on a website page that can accessed via the home page button [n.b. check later]. The first criterion is cost. Most universities ask for proof of funding before offering places on veterinary degree courses, so minimising expenditure for the duration of the course is important. Secondly, the degree obtained should allow an individual to secure MRCVS and thereby practice veterinary medicine in the UK. Thirdly, the degree should ideally be taught in English and give a reduced course length for postgraduate applicants holding a life science degree. Finally, the quality of the veterinary degree obtained will invariably affect prospects for employment back in the UK after graduation.

Degrees: World Vet Schools

Individuals with veterinary degrees that do not qualify for MRCVS must undertake RCVS examinations to gain RCVS membership: approximately one third of RCVS exam entrants pass the exams. For this reason, only veterinary degrees that are taught in English and qualify an individual for MRCVS are considered in detail on this website. This pre-condition also increases the likelihood of successful employment following graduation.

RCVS recognised degrees (nb. scroll to the end of these pages:),
Degrees from Commonwealth countries
Degrees from the USA and Canada

Cost remains relevant, and its relevance is coupled in significance with the possibility of securing a place at a given vet school. Possibilities are considered below:

1. Melbourne living costs at circa 13k GBP pa or 52k GBP over 4 years, and tuition fees at circa 32k GBP pa or 124k GBP over 4 years, totalling approximately 180k GBP.
2. Perth Murdoch tuition fees [nb. if required, click the 'International' button] at circa 29k GBP pa over 5 years, totalling 145k GBP for tuition.
3. Queensland (Brisbane) tuition fees [nb. click 'What it costs'] at circa 30k GBP pa over 5 years, totalling 150k GBP for tuition.
4. Sydney tuition fees at circa 29k GBP pa over 5 years, totalling 145k GBP for tuition.

1. Guelph living costs and tuition fees at circa 19k+66k GBP pa (or 29+102k CDN pa), totalling 340k GBP over 4 years, with entrance requirements, and limited places.
2. Prince Edward Island vet school tuition fees at 32k GBP pa (or 49k CDN pa, average) for 4 years, totalling 128k GBP for tuition.
3. Saskatchewan international student seats, currently not available.

New Zealand:
Massey tuition fees at circa 24k GBP pa (or 49k NZD) for 5 years, and living costs at circa 7k GBP pa (or 15k NZD pa), totalling approximately 155k GBP.

South Africa:
International student fees and Pretoria fee structure, at circa 29k GBP (or 300k SAR) over four years, plus living costs at circa 23k GBP (or 240k SAR) over 4 years, totalling 52k GBP.

USA (28 vet schools, 1 example):
Cornell tuition fees at 27 GBP pa (or 42k USD pa), plus living costs at circa 10k GBP pa (or 16k USD pa), totalling circa 148k GBP over four years.

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