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Created: 08/07/2013
Slovakia-trained Dr. Hutber treated a hearing at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to with 'a complete lack of respect for proceedings', the disciplinary panel said, gave 'illogical' answers and mentioned repeatedly his missionary work for his Mormon church.
"He was by turns arrogant, rude, patronising, sarcastic and angry," said Professor Peter Lees, chairman of the disciplinary committee.
The hearing heard that a dog called TJ was subjected to botched surgery at Dr Hutber's hands, and he failed to tell owner Katie Ley the operation had not been completed properly, to give the dog painkillers or tell the owner about non-surgical alternatives.
TJ was said to be significantly distressed after surgery and displaying the same symptoms."
The incidents took place between 2009 and 2010 and were all denied by Dr. Hutber.
The hearing was told that he was also accused of intimidating former clients who gave evidence against him.
"We observed the respondent staring fixedly at a number of College's witnesses while they were giving evidence," Prof Lees said.
Dr. Hutber phoned a former client after learning she had taken her Collie cross Bessie to a rival. Dr Hutber claimed the bitch had Lyme disease even though he had not checked her for symptoms. He told the owner, who was not named, that she needed to get pills from him or the dog would not survive.
Fenella Morris QC, for the RCVS, said: "If Dr. Hutber had any more comments to make on the treatment they should have been addressed to the other vet.
On another occasion Dr. Hutber was found to have been 'appalling' and disrespectful to a client as she was paying for her animal's treatment. Hilary Lang was at Dr. Hutber's practice, Epivet Ltd, which has practices in Williton and Wiveliscombe, Somerset, and about to pay with a chequebook when the vet said: "You'd better have a card." When she returned with her cheque card he said sartcastically: "Oh, you're back."
He also criticised the former owners of his practice in front of clients.

RESPONSE: Dr. Hutber had phoned the dog owner to discuss treatment, after considering four recent fatal cases of suspected distemper in her local area, as well as Lyme Disease. Mrs. Walker's 'new' vet at Whitelodge Clinic also treated Bessie with antibiotics for the Lyme Disease highlighted by Dr. Hutber.
Dr. Hutber's missionary work was cited to counter the prosecution's claim that the defendant wasn't answering truthfully and openly ie. it was illogical that the defendant would live a religion for 45 years and act in the way that the RCVS was suggesting.
Dr. Hutber was trained at a vet school in Slovakia that was EAEVE and FVE approved before various UK vet schools. He brought a vet school lecturer over to England to work for his company and provide him with 12 months one-to-one tuition.
The RCVS may have found Dr. Hutber to be rude, arrogant, and patronising because in 2006 he stood for RCVS Council and together with a homeopathic vet (also standing for RCVS Council) found irregularities in the way that the RCVS had handled the elections. The RCVS Registrar later resigned after receiving criticism.
The complications that Dr. Hutber experienced with TJ's operation are not uncommon, and the vet who handled the insurance claim for Dr. Hutber's court costs had also experienced complications with the same operation. Most clients return their dogs to the original vet handling the case but Miss Ley was persuaded by Whitelodge Vets to come to their practice instead - Whitelodge had opened up about 500 yards from Dr. Hutber's surgery. TJ was not said to have been in distress after Dr. Hutber's operation. Mr. Simon White from Whitelodge gave TJ less painkillers than Dr. Hutber had done. Mr. White gave similar advice about non-surgical alternatives, and appeared at the hearing for the RCVS. The 'rival' practice took 3.5 months to surgically investigate, which was probably the cause of any significant distress. Dr. Hutber was not accused of intimidating former clients but of staring at Mr. Simon White during the hearing (a partner at Whitelodge Vets).
Dr. Hutber commented: "Yes, I must admit it was a half million pound stare, because Whitelodge went into business with the person who'd just sold the Williton surgery to me. It was in breach of our goodwill contract. Who's the bigger villain? Someone who steals a business worth half a million pounds or someone who stares at the culprit? I probably also stared at Kris Kaminski, because when Kris worked for me as a vet, he'd speyed a cat which then had kittens. He neither informed me nor the owners, and had allowed the RCVS to accuse me of performing the operation. He only owned up when I produced written evidence from my receptionist. Kris then stated that 'he had forgotten' to take out the reproductive tract during the operation because of high blood pressure, and the RCVS took no action against him. One of my witnesses at the heaing heard Kris say that the RCVS had coerced him into testifying against me, so I guess that was a good reason for the RCVS not to charge him."
"I didn't know that Mrs. Walker had gone to Whitelodge because my receptionist had only told me there was a problem and I needed to phone her. I also asked Whitelodge to phone me whenever they needed clinical information about transferring clients but they never did. I guess it was difficult for them because my practice had taken about a thousand clients from them in a previous year."
"I did ask Mrs. Lang for a cheque guarantee card. She swore at me. I think I was very restrained. To be honest, I was quite surprised Mrs. Lang came back for the tablets but I'm glad her dog got the medication. It's true that she had raised issues concerning the former practice owners and I had provided some explanations for her."
"I'm not perfect, but on this occasion the RCVS has made more mistakes than I have."