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From: Dr. Marcus Hutber
Sent: 24 June 2004 00:05
To: Gordon Hockey
Cc: xxxxx@svssr.sk; Jane Hern; cvo-uk@defra.gsi.gov.uk; rektor@uvm.sk; Mick Sibley; jmw@maitlandwalker.com; abilio.pereira@cec.eu.int

Dear Gordon Hockey (RCVS Assistant Registrar),

Thanks very much indeed for our telephone conversation today. You were most helpful and clarified several things for me. I am grateful. Could I please ask for clarification on important issues that I believe are outstanding. In a letter to me of 29th April 2004 the RCVS Registrar states:

"However, the previously stated requirement for you to be registered in Slovakia is no longer correct and we accept that you only have to evidence your eligibility for such registration with the Slovak competent authority."

Could it please be clarified whether or not Mr. Sibley (RCVS Head of Membership) stated to Professor xxxxx (the Slovakian CVO) on 23rd June 2004 during a telephone conversation, that for registration for MRCVS, Dr. Marcus Hutber must:

1. Demonstrate that he has worked as a private veterinarian in Slovakia prior to his application for MRCVS on 6th May 2004, and
2. Demonstrate that he has worked within the Slovak state veterinary service prior to his application for MRCVS on 6th May 2004.

If Mr. Sibley did make these statements, could it be clarified why they appear to be in conflict with the aforementioned statement of the RCVS Registrar in her letter to Dr. Hutber of 29th April 2004, since clearly Dr. Hutber could not be required to have worked in Slovakia in any capacity, if as stated by the Registrar, he is not required to be registered in Slovakia. If Mr. Sibley did not make these statements could it please be clarified which statements Mr. Sibley did make to Professor xxxxx?

Thank you.
Dr. Marcus Hutber

Copies to:
Ms. J. Hern (RCVS Registrar)
Prof. J. xxxxx (Slovakian CVO), Dr. D. Reynolds (UK CVO's office)
Prof. R. xxxxxxx (Rector's office, UVM, Kosice, Slovakia), Mr. M. Sibley (RCVS Membership Dept.) Maitland-Walker (EU & Competition Law Solicitors), Abilio Pereira (EU Commission)