Allegation (#7) The RCVS stated that Dr. Hutber used self-reference in the third person rather than opting to use the term 'I'. Professor Lees [RCVS Committee Chairperson] stated that Dr. Hutber had showed a lack of understanding of the circumstances surrounding his case.

Dr. Hutber reported: "Professor Lees had previously been active within the research community and knew that scientific researchers preferentially refer to themselves in the third person, in line with objectivity and clarity. Professor Lees was either showing an intentional lack of understanding, or he was using the circumstances to engage political manoeuvres. Either way, his personal denigration of my character was partial."

"Professor ****** [a former RCVS President and Chairperson of the RCVS Disciplinary Committee] stated that 'RCVS hearings are supposed to be a balance of justice and mercy and they are not.' I was solely seeking justice but I unfortunately encountered corruption."

"The personal denigration of my character by the RCVS [Summary of statement released by RCVS] was both partial and dishonest. The RCVS Committee stated that they could not equate the [Testimonials] with the denigration of my character, and for this reason the nature of the denigration remains dishonest. The RCVS declined my requests to open a constructive dialogue during the three years prior to the hearing. Either the RCVS requires reforming, and/or the RCVS was partial for political reasons. Subjectively I would suggest both."