Allegation (#7) Dr. Hutber reported: "The press releases [#1; #2; #3] were a summary of the RCVS statement released to the press and into the public domain, showing RCVS bias in comparison with the accompanying responses [#1; #2; #3]. The motive for the RCVS bias lay with RCVS political objectives."

"The RCVS released a lengthy report that critised my professional conduct and character. The trick in releasing official reports is to appear to be objective. For example, the RCVS report stated that they 'heard eight separate and unrelated complaints' against me. This created an impression that numerous local clients had complained about my professional conduct. The RCVS didn't report that the complaints were heard from clients and staff transferring to Whitelodge Vet Clinic from my practice (EpiVet, Williton). The RCVS didn't report that Whitelodge had opened up a new practice 500 yards from my practice. The RCVS didn't report that the new Whitelodge practice manager (Margaret Lewis) had recently sold the Williton practice to me for half a million pounds. The RCVS didn't report that Margaret Lewis had 'taken' two staff and client complainants with her to Whitelodge. The RCVS didn't report that whilst the eight clients and staff had transferred from EpiVet to Whitelodge during 2009, within a previous 12-month period 1000 clients had transferred from Whitelodge to EpiVet. The RCVS didn't report that Whitelodge had subsequently investigated EpiVet's commercial growth. The RCVS knew the facts of the case and manipulated them dishonestly. The RCVS was neither impartial nor fair during its investigations and reporting."