Allegation (#6) Dr. Hutber reported: "The RCVS sanctioned me for political reasons. Concurrently, the RCVS demonstrated a significant level of leniency towards Kris Kaminski. Kris successfully speyed bitches and queens at my practice but was unable to locate the reproductive tract for one spey, and he sutured the queen back up without performing the spey. Kris did not inform anyone in my practice (nor the owners) concerning the 'spey' events. The queen subsequently produced kittens. The RCVS charged me with the failure of the spey, stating that I had performed the surgery. I denied the charges stating that the case was not mine. The charges against me were only dropped once I had gained written supporting evidence from another of my employees. When Kris was identified as the surgeon involved he cited a memory loss during the operation as the reason for not removing the reproductive tract, and the RCVS did not charge him."
"Kris Kaminski appeared as a RCVS witness against me. Kris was dishonest under oath, stating that he had left a note on my desk transferring one of his his cases to me shortly before his patient died. I had tended eighteen patients that day and performed mutiple surgical procedures. Our records indicated Kris had tended a single patient. Jenny Sumpter (one of our animal assistants who attended Chris' case) testified that Kris' case "was his" own. The owners of Kris' patient testified he had advised them their cat should be X-rayed again after the weekend, to determine whether healing had commenced. Fractures take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Kris Kaminski currently holds a RCVS licence to practise as a veterinarian in the UK."