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Allegation (#5) Dr. Hutber reported: "Kris Kaminski was a Polish veterinarian employed at my practice until his probationary period was completed. He was a very affable and likeable character but was significantly dishonest. Kris inflated travel expenses, misreported the completion of work tasks and misrepresented his professional skills. I was legally required to comply with employment law and worked with Kris until the end of his probationary period. I did not extend his employment contract. The RCVS had asked me to 'cut corners' with Kris' employment and to file RCVS complaints against him. I deemed the RCVS suggestions to be inappropriate. The RCVS subsequently coerced Kris to appear as a RCVS witness against me. A third party provided a written statement detailing Kris' verbal description of the coercion, based upon Kris' need to retain his MRCVS licence to practice in the UK and the threat to remove his RCVS membership."