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1. Veterinary Record vol. 158, #11, p.353; Veterinary Times vol.36, #12, p.8; RCVS Council Elections 2006, p.4; Veterinary Record vol. 156, #11, p.336; RCVS Nomination Form (copy)

2. RCVS Council Elections 2006, p.4,5,9


Allegation (#2) Dr. Hutber reported: "In 2005 I stood for RCVS Council. There were no irregularities. In 2006 I stood again and my manifesto proposed RCVS reform, placing emphasis away from the regulation of vets and more towards progress in Veterinary Medicine, which reflected the second mission statement of the RCVS. I suggested that the priority of the two RCVS mission statements simply be reversed. The RCVS subsequently removed their second mission statement to concentrate on regulation. During the 2006 elections, the RCVS used the wrong names for my proposers [a former RCVS President and a later Chief Veterinary Officer or CVO]. When I asked for a website to correct the mistakes, I was informed that I sought an unfair advantage and was denied a website link. I was unsuccessful in the elections. Other [successful] candidate(s) were granted website links. Mark Elliot was unsuccessful in 2006 and phoned me after the elections reporting irregularities with the RCVS handling of his candidacy - he felt that the irregularities were related to his position as a homeopathic veterinarian."