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Allegation (#1) Dr. Hutber reported: "In 2004 ten accession countries joined the European Union and their vets gained the right to apply for MRCVS under the free movement of professionals within the EU. The RCVS countered with a protectionist move, arguing that EU vets must work for 3 years in the country of their veterinary qualification before applying for MRCVS. The move was clever because vets who were established in another country would be less likely to work in the UK. Unfortunately for the RCVS I was the first [EU accession country] applicant for MRCVS, and since I was English, I intended to return to the UK. Where I'd gained my vet degree in Slovakia, Mick Sibley [RCVS Head of Membership] misinformed me that the Slovakian CVO had agreed to the RCVS proposal that I would need to work in Slovakia for 3 years before applying for MRCVS. I knew Professor Bires [Slovakian CVO] and we've published academic literature together: I therefore knew that Mick Sibley was being dishonest. The Slovakian CVO had not agreed to the RCVS proposal and it lay without the EU directives concerning free movement of professionals within the EU. I asked the RCVS Registrar who she thought was being dishonest, either her Head of Membership or the Slovakian CVO. Jane Hern [the RCVS Registrar] backed down, I gained MRCVS and the RCVS membership increased from 11,000 to 18,000 due to the precedent of my MRCVS prima facie case. Mick Sibley delayed my MRCVS application long enough to process a Slovakian vet as the first official EU accession country MRCVS. They subsequently presented her to the press."