Appeals against RCVS sanctions are relatively expensive.

A RCVS hearing is decided by a RCVS Committee, with charges forwarded by a RCVS sub-committee, and arguments presented by a RCVS lawyer. RCVS hearings have inherently been structured to benefit RCVS objectives, whatever those may be.

The hearing defence costs are usually covered by professional indemnity insurance. However, appeal costs are not covered by insurance, so high costs [or possibly bankruptcy] become factors following an appeal. At the most recent appeals court [2013] the RCVS petitioned for 110,000 pounds costs.

Dr. Hutber reported: "Whilst it's fortunate that two of my children will hopefully qualify as lawyers in the future, RCVS appeals have a built-in time limit after a hearing. That time limit is three months, and where my business had been stolen I wasn't in a financial position to appeal. You can't really blame the RCVS for stacking everything in their favour. I guess justice isn't particularly cheap."